Dutchess Ceramics

A passion for clay, lies within nature of the clay to unfold, guided by the maker, handmade ceramics slow’s things down in this fast paced world, allowing yourself and the clay to express itself.


Vera’s sculptures are exhibited and available for purchase at the Ova Gallery in Ojai.

238 E Ojai Ave, Ojai. and Creo_Arthouse, 3835 Creek Rd, unit 23, Malibu www.creoarthouse.com


All functional ware are highfired, dishwasher safe, oven or microwave safe, Sculptures are one of a kind and all unique,  Raku or glazed.


Vera has a home studio where you can have private classes and can purchase her  ceramic sculptures by Appointment. To schedule a viewing email: veramaguire@aol.com