Stoneware sealife cups
Cups and bowls 100% handmade by Dutchess
Tulip vase
Square bowl


Vera loves to go sailing, yoga, work on her ceramics, cooking, writing and laughing with friends over a glass of wine at the beach. Vera started in 1994 with ceramics at Ventura College in Ventura California. She followed Myra Toth classes and the following years 1995 she moved back to Europe. Vera had a ceramic studio in the Netherlands for 20 years and moved back to Ventura in 2013 to start a new studio. A passion for clay, lies within nature of the clay to unfold, guided by the maker, handmade ceramics slow's things down in this fast paced world, allowing yourself and the clay to express itself. In 2008 she finished her Raja-Yoga-teacher degree in the Netherlands. Since 2012 she is a teacher Mindfulness and Yoga for Sailing Cruises in Turkey / Greece.

About Vera

She is a social and responsible businesswoman. This in combination of her work and with her projects which she supports. She is a member of the VCPG Board, Director of Sales/workshops and teacher at the Ojai Pottery School in Ojai and Firestick Studio in Ojai. Since July 1st 2014, Dutchess Art pieces are for sale at Ova Gallery, Ojai Ave, Ojai, she is in the Gallery every other Monday from 2-6 or every 3rd Friday Happy Hour at 5.30 she is in the Gallery to meet. Couple a times a year she will be selling at the Organic Farmers Market In Ojai Sunday's from 9am -1 pm
Studio open only by appointment, just mail

Agenda 2018

January 2, 2018 10 week Ceramics Class Ojai (FULL) and 4 weeks class at Firestick Studio Ojai
March 7, Amsterdam, Venice
June 9-10 , Libbey park, Ojai, VCPG pottery sale weekend
June 23 Lavender Festival Ojai, Libbey park
June start 10 week Summer Ceramics Class
September tba


Vera is a raja yoga teacher since 2008 and did many mindfulness workshops around the world. Summer months you can find her in Europe,Greece, do you want to join her on one of her trips, please email. 2 daily yoga classes at sunrise and sunset.

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Adults Clay Hand Built classes

10 Classes Ojai Pottery School 2018 .
1 pm - 4 pm , Teusday January 3
Max 9 people, beginner/advanced
only hand built projects FULL
Projects : sculpture/slabs figures/molds and your own ideas and imagination is very welcome !
Summer class June, 10 weeks, all technique's, sign up

Interesting to you: call for details : 805-701-1159 or mail info or contact Ojai Pottery School,